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Have you noticed ants in your kitchen, bathroom, outside or do they seem to be showing up all over your home? If so then you should call us here at Whittier Pest Control. Our experts can help you get rid of these ants for good.

Not all ants are harmful but they are definitely a pest. Ants can build a variety of types of homes from mounds of dirt or sand to homes made in wood like termites do. Army ants won’t build a home but will rather march in large groups looking for food.

It isn’t common to find a single ant. Where there is one there are often many more because they live in groups or colonies.  Fire and harvester ants will sting while carpenter ants will destroy building materials which could cause harm to the structure of your home or business. If you see them in your home it means they are searching for food and water.

Fire and harvester ants are often found in homes but house ants will make their presence known whether you want to see them or not.  These house ants are typically brown, black, red or yellow in color and can be 1/8” long to ¼” long.  If you find longer ones you’ve most likely discovered carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants have wings and are also known as the ‘reproducers’ of the ant colony.  They will cause damage to wood and other materials and most likely have a nest nearby the area you are seeing the most activity.  If this sounds like your problem, or you have any other ant invading your home, give us a call today.  We can set up an appointment and create a treatment plan.