whittier bed bugs

Whittier Bed Bug Control

There isn’t anybody who wants bed bugs in their home…..that goes without saying. You may have heard, Whittier bed bug infestations have been on the rise. If you think that bed bugs are invading your home then you should call us today.

Unlike ants, you really can’t just ignore bed bugs. Once you’ve been infested by bed bugs, they aren’t going to go away until you get help from a Whittier bed bug control professional.

Whittier Bed bugs feed on humans, typically as they sleep. Bed bugs will pierce your skin with their sharp tongue. After piercing the skin, Whittier bed bugs find blood vessels for feeding. Whittier bed bugs usually feed on blood for 5 minutes and then go back to their hiding place.

Bed Bug Control Whittier

It’s unlikely that you’ll find the bed bugs themselves.  Bed bugs are great at staying hidden. Bed bugs usually hide in the seams of mattresses.  If you notice dark fecal or blood spots on your bedding fabric then you likely have bed bugs.  Another way people discover bed bugs is if they wake up covered in lots of bites or are itching a lot.

If you suspect bed bugs, then you should not even think about sleeping in your house.  Our Whittier bed bug control professionals are able to answer any bed bug question you have.  Give us a call right now to get your quote.