Here at Whittier Pest Control we take on most any type of pest, including crickets. Crickets are a common insect that can be quite the nuisance because they are noisy and hard to locate in order to remove them.  Luckily, our professional Whittier cricket removal experts can assist you with this.

There are many types of crickets but the most common cricket found in California is the Dark Jerusalem cricket. The second most common cricket would be the house cricket which many people will most likely discover at some point, no matter what region they live in.Whittier cricket

Crickets are closely related to grasshoppers featuring long antennae, also known as feelers, and their backs are flat with hard wing covers.  They feed at night but their diet is not limited to plant materials. House crickets typically venture indoors in search of food which often includes crumbs, thus finding them in the kitchen or any eating area is not uncommon.  They are rather small in size and are often yellow, brown or black.

Crickets will eat smaller insects such as ants and if left untreated in homes they will begin to chew your clothing and any other fabric they come across.  This typically happens when they are in large numbers and in a home that has been vacant or left for a short time; vacation, etc.

If you find that your home is becoming infested with crickets give Whittier Pest Control a call today to schedule an appointment.  We can remove your cricket problem and have you back to peace and quiet in no time.